Thursday, 19 January 2012

For Writers> Why are you writing?

Hi, my friends call me J.C or Jace, and this is my first blog. The first thing you should know about me is that I’m an amateur writer –another writer among millions of them–. I can’t say that I’m unique, but I do believe so. It keeps me sane. The second thing you should know about me is that I write fantasy, and yes, I know–– another fantasy writer. But the thing is, I just want to be published since the day an idea struck my 16 year old brain, and right now I’m 20. I don’t want the money; I just want the message to be spread to all the people (like any fantasy writers want).
What will I’ll be telling you about in blog is about writing, and the life of a writer.
Writing is hard… all writers know that. But then again there are many writers, I call them subspecies of writers; the journalists, newspaper personnel, editors and so forth. Let me just say, a novelist is one of the hard ones. And we’ll be talking about the novelists.
When the time being a person will have an epiphany in life, like me, I just woke up one day and I said to myself that I will write… I will write and my idea shall be heard by many. All novelists believes in their work, why should they not, it’s their work. It’s not for everyone to judge their work, but they always accept that their work should be judged, just to make an improvement to themselves. But it pains us to hear a bad critic, and yet we are thankful. It pains us because we poured our heart and soul in our work. And we are thankful because with bad critique… we can always evolve into something more mature and accepting persons.      
The thing about what writers should have is to love bad comments against their works, the comments that can give you tendency to commit suicide, that’s what I’m talking about. Because after realizing your wrongs, you want to show them you can do it and they are the ones who were wrong. But keep it healthy, don’t rely on anger in improvement.
A writer, scratch that, a novelist is a novelist when the time he/she said ‘it’s time to give up’ and realizing the next 5 minutes that giving up is not possible, that giving up won’t do much to stop writing, that giving up is a sentence nonexistent of meaning. I gave up many times, but I can’t stop. I know many amateur writers that stop pursuing their novels, that they got lazy in the middle of it, but oh boy they can write… But a professional novelist nowadays need not only that they can write, they should have faith, they should have perseverance, and giving up is just another two words meaning of nothing.