Friday, 29 June 2012

Trinity Book 2: Solace of Truths (Official title)

That’s right! The title that speaks to me, the title that is OH so right for my book 2.

And it only took me two years to think of it ;)

“Two years, why, Jace, that’s a darn long time”

It is, and with all that I am it sucks greatly. Naming the book one alone was a pain it the… behind. ‘The Divine Wheel’ is the right choice although in my own opinion, it has no appeal; I mean, who would buy a book that the series title is TRINITY and the book 1 is named ‘The Divine Wheel’. It just too… um, holy.

But it isn’t just holy. The book explains some link about Science, that’s why the first sentence in the book is “There are many universes, there are many you”, an idea I got from the Multiverse theory.

(For the humans who read book 1, if you didn’t read book one, well I’ll just wink at you. SPOILERS)

Going back to book 2.

We all know that the last page of book 1 an oracle had a prophecy given to her by the angels. She said that there’ll be a Death and a Ghost. I don’t want to say much but I’ll just offer you a glimpse on what book 2 is all about.

This came directly from the raw version of book 2 (THIS IS MY IDEA! <unprofessional):

Ghost – a ghost is formed when the anima either had a deal with his/her death or escaped the assigned death. They haunt a particular living or a group of people to send a message or a warning. Ghosts are found either in the place of their deaths or the place where they feel they are home or attached to.
There are different emotions ghosts have which is magnified after death, some are destructive some constructive. They are unpredictable, for their consciousness is already blurred, but that depends on what kind of ghosts are being dealt with.
There are two kinds of ghosts, the contracted ghosts and the Rogues:
Contracted Ghost - This is a type of ghost where after his/her forty days stay in the physical world after his/her death had a contract with his/her assigned death. What the Ghost’s purposes depends on what the anima and his/her death agreed upon in the written bounding contract, and the rules is never constant.
There are still studies and research about Contracted ghosts that could help in understanding their very nature. They are sometimes called as Intellectual ghosts, able to communicate to the living, even to touch an actual object.
An example of a contracted ghost is: Polly Helfte during the 1967 trial of Luminia – her ghost demanded justice for her murder. She haunted a man named Jake Messiltok, and he was the way for her ghost to be quieted. She waited for seven years ever after the killer was found and accused guilty. A happening of the unrefined.
Rogue Ghost – A type of ghost where completely lose their humanity so as consciousness, they are just fragments of their former self. They are animas who escaped their deaths after their forty days stay in the world. Their haunting is quite different and weaker than the contracted cousins of theirs.
They are widely studied and Ghoestologist have accounts on their different behaviors. Sometimes they are called the residuals.

And the Death:

In the books of Evialiah 3:12-14. Deaths have been said.
As I turned forth to the seven ghosts, seven skulls cloth in darkness stood by them. The Naturalities, holding in its right hand a scythe of the ages; the Murders, holding in its right hand a scythe of betrayal; the Accidentalities, holding in its hand a scythe of no reason; the Suicides, holding in its hands a heavy net ten folds huger than the fisherman’s; the Reapers, holding in its hand the scythe for the shouldn’t(s); the Terminations holding in its hand a basket of the young; and the Poisons who holds two swords of the other kind of death.

That’s all for now. And before I forget, tomorrow I’ll be editing Chapter 7 already, so wish me God Speed. ;)

And oh, I love Video games

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vampires and other monsters

As I said before that I’m in an online hibernation… well, looks like not so hibernationy (<stupid coined word) for me after all.

But now, let’s talk about vampires.  

I think the past years we were in the verge of the Vampire mania, scratch that, we were in the vampire mania. Yep, that time I was soo fascinated about them (Twilight(1st movie)!!! Sequels? Meh), especially after I watched “interview with a vampire” back in 2000(?), their monstrosity just spoke to me. The idea of the story and the conflicts of such fantastical creature inspire me sometimes in writing, but that doesn’t mean that I write about them. I don’t even read much about them.

They’re great monsters––I mean––vampires… (nods slowly*) scary. But I think we need a new kind of monster. Something more terrifying, deadly, a trickster of some sort––

I remembered watching ‘the thing’ (1982), now that’s a monster. The head with a long neck attached to a disgusting spiderlike body left me in nightmares when I was a kid. I want that, I need that kind of monster, but more horrifying.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking (or not), that I already have some monster like that. But sadly, no. I have yet to find that monster that bring nightmares even to adults :D.

Anyway, in a partly related topic, here’s my short short about a vampire.

A Real Confession of a Contemporary Vampire
By: Arthur Johhansen

There was a huge dark home just sitting around in the outskirts of a hidden town, I was dirty and gothic but I was home. I am a vampire living for a thousand years more or less, I forgot my past life, I forgot the people I cared for and the people I killed. I traveled the world searching for others––others like me. Do you believe what I’m saying to you? You wish…
I live at a small apartment which I rented last month; my current job is an assistant editor in a magazine you haven’t heard of, somehow my job sucks (Hate it). My current age is 89 but I look younger than my age… maybe 26 more or less. Well, many envious old timers there asked me about my secret, and my secret is that I am… um… a vampire.  It’s up to you if you’ll believe me but I’m truthful and I just want to take this out of my chest.
First thing first, we are not called Vampires we are called Vampyrs. I don’t know who coined ‘Vampires’.
During the past decades I saw these… imagery of vampires permanently etched on the minds of the people: pale faced, cold skin, sharp K9s, hypnotizing stare, super strength, and a charming face (well I could enumerate some, but this would do for now). I mean, WHAT the heck! What we truly looks like in real life is just like a normal person, and nothing more. Yes we are pale, but not pale all the time sometimes we became tan, and I like tan, I really do (artificial tanning, because too much exposure in the sun can cause us severe sun burns, I hate that also). WE DON’T HIDE FROM THE SUN, actually we love the sun, we don’t suddenly burst in flames because of it.
Another is our craving for blood and our craving to kill for blood… Oh crap, yes we do crave for blood like (you) humans crave for a vintage wine… or drugs (mostly drugs). We got drunk when we drink the red stuff, with no hang over, unlike homo sapiens. I did not kill anybody for blood, because I don’t want to be in jail and be raped… and I’m not a bloodkard/drunkard. We eat human food like you humans do, we just aged slowly.
I have to tell you, I’m not that charming, unlike what other books says. I haven’t gotten laid for a year… fine, two years… three months… fourteen days…
Anyway, my eyesight its 320 in my left eye and 200 on my right, my eyeglasses is out of date now. I’m old, yes, but we’re not immortal! We vampyrs also DIE NATURALLY, like humans, we just live far longer that a normal person. And another thing, we don’t get scared when we see a cross, actually I’m a catholic since birth. I visited the Vatican city 40 times, unlike other catholics. AND WE WON’T BURN FROM SOMETHING HOLY.
Last week when I visited the book store (which I haven’t done for the past years), I saw the shocking truth. There are a bigger section of vampire books on every store, WTF, there were hugger collections of it (I know it’s all fiction but… WTF) –I’m just saying…
Well, I hope many read this shit. The reality and fiction are now blurring guys. And one last thing WE DON’T TURN TO BATS. =D (<smiley face)

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

For the love of writing

For the love of writing I’m in a current state of online hibernation; after that I’ll wake up and eat the hell out of advertising my book (whatever that means).

Now, I’m currently working in strengthening the flow of my chapter 5 of the book 2. And yes, It’s all in all 27 chapters, ranging each chapter with those 5k words at least. Mind you, the time a writer spent in thinking a plotting is just the minor part, by that we’ll be having that writing frenzy.

That’s the second draft, Oh but, dear… editing he second drafts sucks and I’m in the hell state in writing.

It’s the part of writing that you’ll see how crappy you write. Trust me, I know. Right now I’m reading a paragraph and I’m saying to myself “who wrote this sh*t?” yep, I’m harsh to myself like that. I mean, every combination of sentences is in chaos, and I need to set the order.

Chaos… Order… (sorry, I’ve been reading Rick Riordan’s Kane series. AND it’s a good book!)

Also, I found some technicalities in my first book, I lowered the price until I post the revised edition of the “Edition 2” wink* (<I don’t know why I did that…)

Anyway, hopefully doing the third drafts would be easy as I remembered.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Trinity: Book 2 preview

Something to look forward to ;)
Still undecided about the title though.

... And a Movie!

Today, I realized why there are publishers.

We all know that a writer writes, an agent are the bridges towards publishing, and publishers… well, they publish. And they advertise. Which clearly a field where I suck, or maybe just too lazy to do. To be honest, the reason for this post is because of my dismal sales.

No sales for a week.

Yea that’s right. And it don’t inspire obviously. I watch my ranking to go higher and higher each day (I don’t do it for an hour, not that too obsess with that). I told myself not to look at the rankings, but there some unknown force that’s pulling me to do it.

I believe with all I am that my book is good––Who else would do that for me? Who else would to that for a writer with no means of support from friends?

I’m in a stage of being a melodrama, no, I’m in that stage now.

Anyway, let’s be transparent with my sales for a change.

During the first month, I had a good run. I had 2 to 3 downloads per day which brought me to the top 27k in paid kindle store. Not too bad for an unknown with did not do any extensive advertising. Then in May, I had 2-5 downloads per week, but it stopped during the fourth week until now. My ranking is in top 307k. Yeah! (<sarcasm)

I’m not complaining. There are forces that result to this which I could not control. I’m just saying. I promised that if I have a single review, I’ll finish book 2. So here it is, something that cheered me even to this very day. A five star review.

Saying this book is incredible would be an understatement. It's been a while since I have read a book from a new author and was satisfied by the end of the book. That only happens if the story is awesome and male character is a he-man and the length of the story is long. That doesn't mean I am not Quivering with anticipation for the next book in the series but the length of this novel makes me optimistic about the length of the next one. The plot is interesting and the characters enjoyable. Although now that i think about it aside from the character the rest were basically hollow. Some of the ideas were a little confusing like what makes the Septuagint's the good guys and the Oneianecrons the bad guys. All I got from the story was the Septuagint's somehow or another keep the balance between light and darkness and the Oneianecrons don't. There are some other confusing things as well but I basically ignored them until i could draw some inferences about them. Other than that it was an awesome book. I don't know about other people but all I care about is the story, I can and have occasionally ignored a lot of stuff to read a book. This book has romance, action, fantasy, comedy, weird creatures, magic, and much much more. I gave the book a five out of five and you would be depriving yourself of a very enjoyable story if you don't read this. Here is to hoping the author sells a lot of books and writes the second book soon.

This alone keeps me writing. The idea that a stranger would love the story you created seems to be overwhelming even if no one cares about it. All I need is that one that does.

So why writers write?

I thought I know but now I don’t have a single clue.

So I keep asking the past days. Why do I write if no one cares? Why do I spend time in front of a computer numbing my finger tips for threads of prose that only a few people would see? It’s one of my life’s mysteries I guess. (like why a thread in a forum called a thread, and other nonsense questions)

I still have a thousand reasons to stop. As dumb as it sounds… I still don’t.

The reason just eludes me.
(For any readers who downloaded my book and found this blog, I’m half-finished editing chapter two of book two. Also I’m already doing its cover.)

To summarize what I feel right now, here’s a song.

I love community (with every fiber of what I am) BTW.

Six seasons and a movie!

Friday, 25 May 2012

5,385 views and 3,209 downloads!!



Sad to say, this is not the number of downloads of my book nor the page views of this blog. It’s an artwork that I created to represent that Leonardo da Vinci himself can see angels/spirits and created an anatomical study of them.

It’s on my deviant art. At first, I thought the number of people viewing it and downloading it would decline as the epic strands of time passes by. But no, both views and downloads is still increasing every day. Oh I hope that would convert into sales, because I’ll be a happy boy if that would happen.

I studied Da Vinci art by myself, thanks to the internet and ‘the little book of Leonardo da Vinci’ I came to know how he drew his sketches; those fine strokes he did and the amount of detail he gave to them. He also have some notes, which I don’t understand up to now, so I just scribbled unknown words to the art work I made ‘The Muscleanatomy of an Angel’.  

I try to imagine a possible joint-lock not directly at the wing bone but instead to the upper arm socket or at the shoulder. I gave how wings flex and created the thickness of muscles as it contracted. I even pointed out the angles and the limits of the wings when they are stretching out. all based on how da Vinci depicts a study. But I didn’t caught an actual angel and dissect him/her, okay? (wink, wink)

Here’s my sketch:

Thursday, 24 May 2012


This is a Spirit.

If you bought the novel/my book you’ll find this artwork in black and white in a chapter artwork. Anyway, The goddess of coloring just impaled me with inspiration, so here is my protagonists angel/spirit. The strong willed Aurora!

If I have time, I’ll be doing all of the elements in my book: the Deaos, Helles, and Cryo. 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Trinity: Book 2

I’m almost finished in the sequel of The Divine Wheel, and I must say… I almost feel sympathetic to my character as he dies. (let's not go into the details shall we?)

I’m trying to see the possibility of it going live on Amazon by November or December. Because I still need to proofread it, edit at the same time (for three times) and the off to my editor to find the ones I missed. But that’s not all; I still have to draw the artworks for each chapter (which a piece takes me a day).

But what to expect in book two?

I guess whoever read my book and peeked in to this humble blog of mine knows about the world of Trinity. And you know about the complexity of the war of people who can see spirits, those guardian angels and (guardian) demons. But in book two, everything will be more complicated and the characters will be put through tough times.

The book I've written is not in our universe. And in book one, a kid named Lorix Anderson found himself into a world of knights in the time of King Louie and the story went straight to my main protagonist.

Up to now, I’m wondering if that made sense to the reader. Oh, I hope so, because that is the clue for book two.

Okay, to give readers a teaser, here’s the (unedited, not proofed read, original) prologue.

THE (Earths)


1 In the beginning of time God created the heavens and the earths.

The time when God decided that the Flammos Dei conjugate with man, 1would show the time where gate of the ‘verses is near and at hand. 2The sent books of the holy and the dammed, came together to do what has been long planned. 3Prophets and Oracles won’t lie as they saw, future unclear, as the earths of the ‘verses will come to a horrific end and all will die.  

Key to the opener to the six keys
4He, Gabriel of the heaven, came visited by the being that bears the seraphim’s kiss, the one who’s time in not at hand, and never will be. 5He heard the being saying his name “I, the man from Libria, which blood is golden, one of the pures and Cryo in my soul”. 6He introduced his title to the being “I, Gabriel of heaven, archangel, the smith of the elements”, 7he declared it is not his time and never will be, he sent the being back to his earth.   
8the man of Libria leads an army of mortals, which protects the heaven in the earth. 9The father of the sent books will be freed, as the man of Libria opens him, by the pages. 10He will guide him and answer what should be answered, 11what should be known and answer the question “why?”. 12Only he will know and only he will do, for he is pure.   
13The time comes as the gate of ‘verses will be opened.

Oh come the great gate
He who dwells in the six keys, he who is pure
will die in the aearth and then live in the bearth, without resurrection. OH! The Pure is dead! Long live the Pure! O, Blessed thee!

2       The fire will create. And burn your pain,  agony and sins
3       The water will kill and torment, and deliver you to evil and death
4       The land will shimmer across the night sky. And protect the powers of the heaven
5       The wind will suffocate all, and bash all souls to hell

6       The smiths will appear, smiths of  light and the dark
7       The smiths will forge
8       A conscience with swords
9       The four elements will be known
10    Beyond the elements we know
11    One World will be opened
12    In the two room of the body

13    Rainbow will appear at night
14    Stars will appear at day
15    Blessed! Oh! Here comes The majestic weg!

-                                                                                                                         Adbitus Biblia Dei: E’artes 2:1


It never occurred to John that he would be a part of something big, yet something unknown and unbelievable. He was stripped of the normal life and crowned a biblical title; the only darn thing was, no ordinary person should know.
Still he was now willing to face what lies ahead of him, the greatest responsibility a 16 year-old could handle.
What happens after the inauguration was to fix things, be busy, and fix everything he left at Librium and a mother he left at Srithrin.
As John got back to Librium, he told to his aunt to go back to Lhondn to finally enjoy the remainder of her life, the life he wanted. John had all the guilt, for he was thinking he was the reason to her unfruitful lifetime.

The headmaster was very strict to John, even now he was the declared Disceptarix Aureus, and his treatment to him was still the same. He would now live in Mitch apartment in the uptown Librium, to be secured.
There were also half-bad-half-good news on their comeback; Ms. Brooks was promoted to Authorian designated in the city of Medivar, Calbernalli, USA (United States of Ameryke). The headmaster was assigned a new second in command, a woman named Andy Lockson; a second rank with only few missions more to be declared in rank one.

The Septuagints and Oneianecrons were now waiting for the long expected – the opening of the gate. All was anxiously preparing for the coming of the war of wars. 
The Septuagints was drenched in happiness so as in tragedy. Happiness, for John appeared the bearer of the Flammos Dei and tragedy because of the Mahogany St. massacre.   
The dark society of the oneianecrons was panicking for they could not find the Disceptarix Aureus – John. They were taking desperate measures, as the Septuagints rose in power due to the coming of their Pure. The council of the high masters lieu panicking and planning in killing John, they continued their campaign on finding and capturing John.

It all started during a dark quite night, when the moon beams was shining like it always do and when the world spinning on its axis. And it happened inside a Ch√Ęteau, where there were four people discussing a dark plan, a plan involving John of the Septuagints.

(Just so you know, Ecanus is the angel of writers)

I have a new prologue, and this first one really doesn’t meet my standards right now. :D

So if ever you are a reader who found my blog, expect the book 2 either later this year or next year.


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Iron Ghost… You Sneaky Son of a Gun

I am a big fan of iron man since everyone has become a big fan of iron man. He got all the characteristics I can think of a good super hero should have –not those always blabbering about flowers and justice– : (he’s rich with a high IQ that later transforms himself whether by an accident or on purpose into being a super hero). On a side note, I still like batman more.

Anyway, there was still something missing in tony stark and his iron man suit that I just can’t put my finger. But when I thought of the Ghost rider… I knew.

The bad-assessness… or bad-assness… (I don’t know. It’s not a word and it’s hard to coin one)

I love Ghost rider more than Batman and Iron man but I think he’s too weak! I hate to put that into my head. Iron man could just blast him with repulsor rays et cetera, et cetera.

I'm just too stubborn to accept he’s weak. So after that senseless frustration and drinking coffee, green tea, vitamin B complex (All substance results to hyperactivity with no know side effects) –– I created…

(enter low base guitar sound effects)

Pretty cool huh?

But no…

This guy has been already created, and his name is Iron Ghost.

(Sigh*) This…

So I just want to say…

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Heart of an Author: A Love Story

In a bar, there was a girl named Kristle Rees and his friend author.

Kristle Rees: You’re paying my drink.

Author: Sure, and thanks for coming. There is just something I want to say.
I wrote a book not because of publishing but because I had an idea, a simple thought. My grammar was unacceptable back then. I even gave it to my friends (who is also writers/editors), make them read and only to found out that I was a cr*ppy writer.

Kristle Rees: I think every writer started cr*ppy. You should be proud, because I think every profession starts with cr*ppy.

Author: Thanks… What am I saying? ––

Kristle Rees: (cutting him off) I dunno. What are you saying?

Author: I can just give up, right? Go on with my life and forget that what I wrote. But I didn’t. It only proves that whatever someone said, I’ll still be stubborn. They criticized me, and by that I thought about the readers. Readers who will be taking their valuable time to read my work; they deserve better.
So I worked hard just to polish my skills even I know the odds are ever against my favor. To have readers who will be move in the words I put on paper/e-paper.
I finished a book, and now it’s live for about a month.

Kristle Rees: If I you only want readers, then you should put your book to be forever free. Hmm, I like that, forever free.

Author: That’s why I posted it free for 5 days using the Kdp select. But it will not be free again until its sequel goes live. I won’t use the select to increase my sales.

Kristle Rees: Wait. Sales? You mean it’s not free?! Liar, Hypocrite!!

Author: What is the value of free? How will I know if ever that reader who downloaded my book would read my book?
We all know that readers download about a few hundred of these free books, and then what? Will they read all of them? It’s easy to delete something you owned for free than something that has worth. Out of those thousand downloads, the reader would probably delete fifty percent of it.
That is why I price my book, so the reader could find worth and also so I can eat and pay rent. For me money is secondary, writing should be put first. So I price my book even I know it’s more than it is, because I do it for the reader. Because I know how money means nowadays. I know it’s a good book but that is not up to me, it’s up to them.

Kristle Rees: I don’t really get you. What are you really whining about? Are you in a phase?

Author: Phase? Yes.
I lost the spark of why write, I almost forgot that writing is better than sales. Because in the first place, I did not write to be published, self or traditional, I write because of that idea that to needs to be heard… and I forget about that. Expecting that your sales would go high is like a poison, a tasty one. Like a poor junkie in need of drugs, it sucks…   
Now that I remember why I write, I guess those sales don’t mean much. I just have to endure my day job.

Kristle Rees: So what do you call writing? A night job?

A dream, the author thought.  

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Refilling my Tank

My fuel tank is now officially empty and I need a refill badly.

I've been writing like crazy and when I’m say crazy, it means that I don’t eat regularly. My finger tips is numb, my head hurts and I just got out from a fever. I also think I need a new book to read on so some spark of inspiration can get me going. I could reread some of my books but I’m a person who don’t reread, because if I reread, it just bores me to sleep.

I didn’t read anything in college, because all the medical books, nursing books, anatomy burns my head out. I don’t know how I passed all that… I guess I’m lucky.

Back to my writing.

Only one chapter left and then I can go back to editing the very first part of the sequel for my book. And also, I think I need some sleep. Just writing (now) tires me… yawn*

Anyway, happy mother’s day! (tell your mom I said happy mother’s day) :D  

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Some writing tips from a writer who needs some writing tips

Today, I have nothing to do so probably I’ll post some of my previous writing and the edited ones.
When I wore my first book, I think it had more or less 200,000 words. I’m very verbose back then, filling my sentences with unnecessary words and terms that had a great impact on the flow. Thankfully I think I learned my lesson.
The following prologue is the original prologue of my book (Trinity: The Divine Wheel). I changed it because of some issues that would influence the first impression in my story. Read on and you’ll see.

In the beginning of time God created the heavens and the earth.
1Time before time, God created the angels. 2And God saw the angels were pure and just. 3God separated the kinds of angels. He called the fiery-ones as Seraphims, the closest to him as the thrones and the Cherubims. His powers, he called the Archeleos and a hundred ranks more. But the greatest of them was an angel called Lucifer – the angel and bringer of light. 
Creation of all
4Let there be light” God said with only his biblical voice radiating into an eternal horrific abyss. And there was light.
5God created man, the very first human being, and God named him Adam. 6God destined the man to take care and enjoy the beauty and the delight of everything on the promise land, Eden.
7God ruled for the angels to treat the man with superiority, higher than them, and without question all the angels complied except for one, the one who was seated at the right hand of God, the angel of light. 8Lucifer refused to kneel in front of the inferior being – man.
9Even though Adam had all he could possess, he still felt that something was missing, a companion. 10So God created the first woman from man, and God named her Eve. 11They lived happily in the Garden of Eden, and all of it riches were theirs forever.
12But God implicated one rule, and one rule only.
13There was a tree which bears the fruits of knowledge of good and evil, where its color was indescribable, and with the most magnificent beauty.  14God forbade them to eat this said fruit, and that was the first law, the only law at that time of Adam and Eve.
15Lucifer started to question God. 16 “If all is equal in the eye of yours, why angels bow down to Adam, Why my father? My creator…” the angel of light asked. 17You… are the greatest angel, they are the youngest of my creation, he have the will of freedom to chose… Adam now has an Eve… I created them equally, and I love them. What love I give you is different from what is for them… it doesn’t mean I love you less” God said. 18Lucifer eventually turned against God, didn’t accept what has been told,. For he thought he could do better than Him. He tried to conquer God’s kingdom, but he was defeated with the help of the Archangels. 19Lucifer banished from the heavens because of his growing pride and given another name, Satan. 20Satan was angry with the Man, Adam and the woman, Eve. 21His great plan was for them to eat the illicit fruit, and for them to be banished also from the promise land. Unfortunately he succeeded. 

-                     Abditus Biblia dei: *ALPHA  * JEVNESIS*1:20

In the beginning of time, there was nothing.
But in the abyss there was a Big Bang that came from a primeval atom not larger than a smallest part of a matter, and there was light. A violent explosion that started it all, the galaxies, the solar systems… the universe
As our universe evolved, life begun; and all animals started as a basic single-celled microorganism called extremophiles, which turned into a more complex rational organism to the process known as evolution. Eons of biological development the first animal emerged, millions of years more they turned into the Homo sapiens, humans.
Suddenly as the humans understood the universe, as they created theories that explained the creation, they began to question the one who created them.
Man, questioning if there was a creator, if there is a possible being. That was the angel of light absolute plan, to erase the idea of heaven and hell, the idea of beings of the cosmos.
Let there be light, and there was light…

As Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, a war began. A war which continues until this day, a war of the ones who believes in higher power and the ones who were opposed to this said being. But there was another war… a war that was hidden from our eyes, the unseen battle of the beings touched by the heaven and hell; stepping away from our nightmare and dreams and into reality.
Beings, mortals, humans, a person consist of three parts written in any holy scripts by divine messengers: the soul, the body and the spirit, are known as triparticus. There were many meanings to spirits given by mortalkind, but there was only one true meaning… and that was Angels.
When the time Adam and Eve were exiled from the land of Eden, God had given them spirits, spirits which would guard them, ‘till death do they part they will; therefore a new rank of angels were born, the Guardian angels.
Satan gathered a legion of fallen angels and he created Archdemons, as God created the Archangels. During the early ages, when the earth was young the fallens influenced the humans and they were winning, and the first influenced was Cain the first son of Adam and Eve. Therefore God decided and ordered to forge two elements representing heaven to be given to the worthy, just and good; these two elements were forged by the Archangels: the element of Heavenly Fire (flame of Cryo) and the element of the Holy Grounds (soil of silver); they maintained the balance, seeing guardian angels forbidden to be seen by the unchosen. The worthies saw that there was something horrid happening in some of the humans that shook their hearts to terror. People who had been corrupted by greed, power, and callous conscience had no guardian angel but instead, replaced by a Guardian demon.
The Archdemons also forged two elements as ordered by Satan, the elements of Hell Water (water of Helle) and the Deathly Winds (wind of Deao). These elements were different; they perished all those in whom they touch. And these elements were given to the worst and nefarious beings.
The four elements were unique, for their origins were not from earth.  The fire gives life, the water dehydrates, the air suffocates and the last element’s power was still unknown.
The worthies who held the power of the elements that was given by the heaven were called the Septuagints of the divine who protects the throne of God the Creator. While the callous that held the power of the elements of hell were called Oneianecrons of the abyss who wants to replace the ruler of the heavens. They were born, to fulfill their obligations. Until this day they fight, in the dead of the night, when you close your eyes and enter your dreams.
They fight, outside your window they fight
 Silent… still they fight

Before the end…
Each element chose a being to represent their true powers, and it was said that they would appear when the end of days were near. These chosens were called Disceptarix (lat: the one who will judge) or the Pures. These beings had no parallel lives in other universe and were not controlled by destiny or fate.
When the four Pures completed in one universe… they will bring the beginning of the War of wars that could bring the end of all, even ideas, even thoughts, even justice, love, a death of death and everything before it.
Only one Disceptarix had not appeared yet, the Disceptarix of fire. When the last chosen appears, he would bear the power of the kingdom of the heavens, and decide who will prevail at the end of the war, the heaven or hell (although chosen by the heavens they cannot control their will, for a Disceptarix have a pure freewill, but he or she can’t escape being a chosen). The Septuagints and the Oneianecrons didn’t know when the last chosen will come, and if they knew, they will take actions, actions of desperation. They will fight and they will kill.

TOO LONG? Tell me about it.
As you can see, It has some issues that reveal too much of the story. I want the reader to figure it all out for themselves. Some mystery wouldn’t hurt, so I condensed the original prologue to a foreword.

There are many universes.
There are many you…
Thousands of your alternate entities that took a different path in life…
And all composed of an identical soul, body and spirit.

But there are four beings…
Beings that were born with pure souls, original bodies, and spirits unique among others.
No alternates among the endless universes.
They are the Pures… and they are the Disceptarix.

But their gift had a consequence...

From the time good and evil were born, heaven forged two elements
One made of fire and one made of silver.
Hell forged another two, now, made of water and air.
And the Divine Wheel was born.
A Wheel that bound the elements far from what we know.
The fire gave life – The Golden flames,
The water dehydrates – Water of Helle,
The air suffocates – Winds of Deao
And the last element’s power was still unknown…

Each Disceptarix shall bear the true power of an element given to them, and lead legions of mortals influenced by the Divine wheel to continue the battle since the birth of good and evil.

Before the end…

When the four Pures are completed in one universe… they would bring the beginning of a war that could deliver the end of all, even ideas, even thoughts, even justice, light, darkness and love; a death of death and everything before it.
And only one Disceptarix has not appeared… the Disceptarix of fire.

“There are many universes” that was the best hook I could think of, and the best way I can condense it to a non-offending matter. I remember an old dude said to me "It's never in quantity, you will win their hearts through quality"

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

"Dogs are great, but I'm a cat person"

Do you remember a line in the ugly truth saying “Dogs are great, but I’m a cat person” Well, I’m a cat person.

I love my dog “Heinz” (and yes I named him from tomato sauce brand) but I love the cats more, because they butt of their heads against your leg if they like you. The only thing I hate about cats are their darn clawssss. I seriously hate those.

Anyway, maybe I don’t like dogs because when I was 8, I was bitten by a stray. AND. I didn’t tell that to my parents or any living soul, until five years after. Do you know what that felt, I felt every year I might die, be crazy with the rabies (negri bodies – what makes rabies a rabies) reaching my sane mind. Oh yes, the symptoms will not be immediate as always. And also my current dog bit my wrist that made look I slit my wrist, well, not really, because it’s pretty obvious it’s a dirty cut.  

We have baby cats right now and I named them Remus and Romulus. Got that right, the brothers of the origins of the Roman Empire. I named Remus the other because he had an injury on his left leg, making it hard for him to walk and its sad (I know), while Romulus is the strong one but I know he loves his brother (unlike the actual Romulus that killed his brother).

Oh, another thing, My dog also bit my forehead once, and there was a dent of blood on there. But I still love him and I bark at him when he barks at me, and I’m more ruthless.

This a senseless post (:D) enjoy 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

When a Job is a Dream

I had the longest sleep I had for months. And I’m thankful. *sigh*

After I got a professional license, I said to myself “meh”. I don’t know why, but it felt like it’s not a big deal. And before that, I’m looking for jobs and had interviews lined up for me. Then I passed and cancel all those interviews. Pretty stupid move eh? Yea, I’m pretty stupid.   

The following months, I heard my batch mates have their jobs and having their first salary. And I’m envious, they’re so mature with their working hours and al in between a grown up is doing. But as they work, I’m working also. I know most of them think I’m doing nothing but enjoy the months willed by me, by not finding a job. Well they are wrong.

The difference between their job and what I was doing is the salary, I have none, I think my only salary is that happiness that I give myself whenever I finished and polished a chapter. Yes, I’d been doing my book. I thought of artworks and such to correspond in each every chapter. I’m checking the flow of the paragraphs and finding the best way to deliver the very first sentence “the hook” in writer’s terms.

It sounds weird, but I’m happy being solitary and doing just that.

Mind you, I do well with other people, yes sometimes I’m weird but it’s a healthy weirdness. Anyway, the following months my batch mates were going to beaches, enjoying, partying (oh, they posted that to facebook) while I imprison myself inside my room thinking how a sentence would be beautiful without overflowing it with unnecessary words. Even after graduation, I worked with my book with a small expectation of success and a great unhealthy hope that I’m curing myself as we speak. Do you know what my parents gave me when I graduated? Three days stay in a five star hotel (I’m thankful, greatly, but I don’t think that necessary) $100, and a kindle fire (which I got next year after). And that the greatest present my parents had given to me. Especially the kindle fire, because it felt like destiny that my dad didn’t buy the iPad 2 because it’s far expensive. With the kindle fire, I can see what my book will actually looks like in the eyes of the reader.

So what’s the point here?

I think, dream, that’s the point here. I’m thankful I have a dream, a dream that I want to be given to anyone after my life. A legacy. A dream that worth fighting for. I don’t dream of fame, I dream of people fascinated about the strings of moments that is in a book that I have made. Bucause my dream life would be probably a home comfortable enough (I don’t like big houses), an owned library in a small town which I would go to everyday, a dog named Cornilious, a family that I will love unconditionally, and to write. There’s something greater joy than having parties ever Friday, having friends that really don’t know you. I have four friends that respect me and know me (which I have less contact with). I love that life (the first one), and I’m going to do it, but now, I have to find a day job first :D