Wednesday, 20 June 2012

For the love of writing

For the love of writing I’m in a current state of online hibernation; after that I’ll wake up and eat the hell out of advertising my book (whatever that means).

Now, I’m currently working in strengthening the flow of my chapter 5 of the book 2. And yes, It’s all in all 27 chapters, ranging each chapter with those 5k words at least. Mind you, the time a writer spent in thinking a plotting is just the minor part, by that we’ll be having that writing frenzy.

That’s the second draft, Oh but, dear… editing he second drafts sucks and I’m in the hell state in writing.

It’s the part of writing that you’ll see how crappy you write. Trust me, I know. Right now I’m reading a paragraph and I’m saying to myself “who wrote this sh*t?” yep, I’m harsh to myself like that. I mean, every combination of sentences is in chaos, and I need to set the order.

Chaos… Order… (sorry, I’ve been reading Rick Riordan’s Kane series. AND it’s a good book!)

Also, I found some technicalities in my first book, I lowered the price until I post the revised edition of the “Edition 2” wink* (<I don’t know why I did that…)

Anyway, hopefully doing the third drafts would be easy as I remembered.

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