Monday, 4 June 2012

... And a Movie!

Today, I realized why there are publishers.

We all know that a writer writes, an agent are the bridges towards publishing, and publishers… well, they publish. And they advertise. Which clearly a field where I suck, or maybe just too lazy to do. To be honest, the reason for this post is because of my dismal sales.

No sales for a week.

Yea that’s right. And it don’t inspire obviously. I watch my ranking to go higher and higher each day (I don’t do it for an hour, not that too obsess with that). I told myself not to look at the rankings, but there some unknown force that’s pulling me to do it.

I believe with all I am that my book is good––Who else would do that for me? Who else would to that for a writer with no means of support from friends?

I’m in a stage of being a melodrama, no, I’m in that stage now.

Anyway, let’s be transparent with my sales for a change.

During the first month, I had a good run. I had 2 to 3 downloads per day which brought me to the top 27k in paid kindle store. Not too bad for an unknown with did not do any extensive advertising. Then in May, I had 2-5 downloads per week, but it stopped during the fourth week until now. My ranking is in top 307k. Yeah! (<sarcasm)

I’m not complaining. There are forces that result to this which I could not control. I’m just saying. I promised that if I have a single review, I’ll finish book 2. So here it is, something that cheered me even to this very day. A five star review.

Saying this book is incredible would be an understatement. It's been a while since I have read a book from a new author and was satisfied by the end of the book. That only happens if the story is awesome and male character is a he-man and the length of the story is long. That doesn't mean I am not Quivering with anticipation for the next book in the series but the length of this novel makes me optimistic about the length of the next one. The plot is interesting and the characters enjoyable. Although now that i think about it aside from the character the rest were basically hollow. Some of the ideas were a little confusing like what makes the Septuagint's the good guys and the Oneianecrons the bad guys. All I got from the story was the Septuagint's somehow or another keep the balance between light and darkness and the Oneianecrons don't. There are some other confusing things as well but I basically ignored them until i could draw some inferences about them. Other than that it was an awesome book. I don't know about other people but all I care about is the story, I can and have occasionally ignored a lot of stuff to read a book. This book has romance, action, fantasy, comedy, weird creatures, magic, and much much more. I gave the book a five out of five and you would be depriving yourself of a very enjoyable story if you don't read this. Here is to hoping the author sells a lot of books and writes the second book soon.

This alone keeps me writing. The idea that a stranger would love the story you created seems to be overwhelming even if no one cares about it. All I need is that one that does.

So why writers write?

I thought I know but now I don’t have a single clue.

So I keep asking the past days. Why do I write if no one cares? Why do I spend time in front of a computer numbing my finger tips for threads of prose that only a few people would see? It’s one of my life’s mysteries I guess. (like why a thread in a forum called a thread, and other nonsense questions)

I still have a thousand reasons to stop. As dumb as it sounds… I still don’t.

The reason just eludes me.
(For any readers who downloaded my book and found this blog, I’m half-finished editing chapter two of book two. Also I’m already doing its cover.)

To summarize what I feel right now, here’s a song.

I love community (with every fiber of what I am) BTW.

Six seasons and a movie!

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