Friday, 25 May 2012

5,385 views and 3,209 downloads!!



Sad to say, this is not the number of downloads of my book nor the page views of this blog. It’s an artwork that I created to represent that Leonardo da Vinci himself can see angels/spirits and created an anatomical study of them.

It’s on my deviant art. At first, I thought the number of people viewing it and downloading it would decline as the epic strands of time passes by. But no, both views and downloads is still increasing every day. Oh I hope that would convert into sales, because I’ll be a happy boy if that would happen.

I studied Da Vinci art by myself, thanks to the internet and ‘the little book of Leonardo da Vinci’ I came to know how he drew his sketches; those fine strokes he did and the amount of detail he gave to them. He also have some notes, which I don’t understand up to now, so I just scribbled unknown words to the art work I made ‘The Muscleanatomy of an Angel’.  

I try to imagine a possible joint-lock not directly at the wing bone but instead to the upper arm socket or at the shoulder. I gave how wings flex and created the thickness of muscles as it contracted. I even pointed out the angles and the limits of the wings when they are stretching out. all based on how da Vinci depicts a study. But I didn’t caught an actual angel and dissect him/her, okay? (wink, wink)

Here’s my sketch:

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