Saturday, 19 May 2012

Iron Ghost… You Sneaky Son of a Gun

I am a big fan of iron man since everyone has become a big fan of iron man. He got all the characteristics I can think of a good super hero should have –not those always blabbering about flowers and justice– : (he’s rich with a high IQ that later transforms himself whether by an accident or on purpose into being a super hero). On a side note, I still like batman more.

Anyway, there was still something missing in tony stark and his iron man suit that I just can’t put my finger. But when I thought of the Ghost rider… I knew.

The bad-assessness… or bad-assness… (I don’t know. It’s not a word and it’s hard to coin one)

I love Ghost rider more than Batman and Iron man but I think he’s too weak! I hate to put that into my head. Iron man could just blast him with repulsor rays et cetera, et cetera.

I'm just too stubborn to accept he’s weak. So after that senseless frustration and drinking coffee, green tea, vitamin B complex (All substance results to hyperactivity with no know side effects) –– I created…

(enter low base guitar sound effects)

Pretty cool huh?

But no…

This guy has been already created, and his name is Iron Ghost.

(Sigh*) This…

So I just want to say…

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