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Trinity: Book 2

I’m almost finished in the sequel of The Divine Wheel, and I must say… I almost feel sympathetic to my character as he dies. (let's not go into the details shall we?)

I’m trying to see the possibility of it going live on Amazon by November or December. Because I still need to proofread it, edit at the same time (for three times) and the off to my editor to find the ones I missed. But that’s not all; I still have to draw the artworks for each chapter (which a piece takes me a day).

But what to expect in book two?

I guess whoever read my book and peeked in to this humble blog of mine knows about the world of Trinity. And you know about the complexity of the war of people who can see spirits, those guardian angels and (guardian) demons. But in book two, everything will be more complicated and the characters will be put through tough times.

The book I've written is not in our universe. And in book one, a kid named Lorix Anderson found himself into a world of knights in the time of King Louie and the story went straight to my main protagonist.

Up to now, I’m wondering if that made sense to the reader. Oh, I hope so, because that is the clue for book two.

Okay, to give readers a teaser, here’s the (unedited, not proofed read, original) prologue.

THE (Earths)


1 In the beginning of time God created the heavens and the earths.

The time when God decided that the Flammos Dei conjugate with man, 1would show the time where gate of the ‘verses is near and at hand. 2The sent books of the holy and the dammed, came together to do what has been long planned. 3Prophets and Oracles won’t lie as they saw, future unclear, as the earths of the ‘verses will come to a horrific end and all will die.  

Key to the opener to the six keys
4He, Gabriel of the heaven, came visited by the being that bears the seraphim’s kiss, the one who’s time in not at hand, and never will be. 5He heard the being saying his name “I, the man from Libria, which blood is golden, one of the pures and Cryo in my soul”. 6He introduced his title to the being “I, Gabriel of heaven, archangel, the smith of the elements”, 7he declared it is not his time and never will be, he sent the being back to his earth.   
8the man of Libria leads an army of mortals, which protects the heaven in the earth. 9The father of the sent books will be freed, as the man of Libria opens him, by the pages. 10He will guide him and answer what should be answered, 11what should be known and answer the question “why?”. 12Only he will know and only he will do, for he is pure.   
13The time comes as the gate of ‘verses will be opened.

Oh come the great gate
He who dwells in the six keys, he who is pure
will die in the aearth and then live in the bearth, without resurrection. OH! The Pure is dead! Long live the Pure! O, Blessed thee!

2       The fire will create. And burn your pain,  agony and sins
3       The water will kill and torment, and deliver you to evil and death
4       The land will shimmer across the night sky. And protect the powers of the heaven
5       The wind will suffocate all, and bash all souls to hell

6       The smiths will appear, smiths of  light and the dark
7       The smiths will forge
8       A conscience with swords
9       The four elements will be known
10    Beyond the elements we know
11    One World will be opened
12    In the two room of the body

13    Rainbow will appear at night
14    Stars will appear at day
15    Blessed! Oh! Here comes The majestic weg!

-                                                                                                                         Adbitus Biblia Dei: E’artes 2:1


It never occurred to John that he would be a part of something big, yet something unknown and unbelievable. He was stripped of the normal life and crowned a biblical title; the only darn thing was, no ordinary person should know.
Still he was now willing to face what lies ahead of him, the greatest responsibility a 16 year-old could handle.
What happens after the inauguration was to fix things, be busy, and fix everything he left at Librium and a mother he left at Srithrin.
As John got back to Librium, he told to his aunt to go back to Lhondn to finally enjoy the remainder of her life, the life he wanted. John had all the guilt, for he was thinking he was the reason to her unfruitful lifetime.

The headmaster was very strict to John, even now he was the declared Disceptarix Aureus, and his treatment to him was still the same. He would now live in Mitch apartment in the uptown Librium, to be secured.
There were also half-bad-half-good news on their comeback; Ms. Brooks was promoted to Authorian designated in the city of Medivar, Calbernalli, USA (United States of Ameryke). The headmaster was assigned a new second in command, a woman named Andy Lockson; a second rank with only few missions more to be declared in rank one.

The Septuagints and Oneianecrons were now waiting for the long expected – the opening of the gate. All was anxiously preparing for the coming of the war of wars. 
The Septuagints was drenched in happiness so as in tragedy. Happiness, for John appeared the bearer of the Flammos Dei and tragedy because of the Mahogany St. massacre.   
The dark society of the oneianecrons was panicking for they could not find the Disceptarix Aureus – John. They were taking desperate measures, as the Septuagints rose in power due to the coming of their Pure. The council of the high masters lieu panicking and planning in killing John, they continued their campaign on finding and capturing John.

It all started during a dark quite night, when the moon beams was shining like it always do and when the world spinning on its axis. And it happened inside a Ch√Ęteau, where there were four people discussing a dark plan, a plan involving John of the Septuagints.

(Just so you know, Ecanus is the angel of writers)

I have a new prologue, and this first one really doesn’t meet my standards right now. :D

So if ever you are a reader who found my blog, expect the book 2 either later this year or next year.


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