Saturday, 12 May 2012

Refilling my Tank

My fuel tank is now officially empty and I need a refill badly.

I've been writing like crazy and when I’m say crazy, it means that I don’t eat regularly. My finger tips is numb, my head hurts and I just got out from a fever. I also think I need a new book to read on so some spark of inspiration can get me going. I could reread some of my books but I’m a person who don’t reread, because if I reread, it just bores me to sleep.

I didn’t read anything in college, because all the medical books, nursing books, anatomy burns my head out. I don’t know how I passed all that… I guess I’m lucky.

Back to my writing.

Only one chapter left and then I can go back to editing the very first part of the sequel for my book. And also, I think I need some sleep. Just writing (now) tires me… yawn*

Anyway, happy mother’s day! (tell your mom I said happy mother’s day) :D  

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