Wednesday, 18 April 2012

"Dogs are great, but I'm a cat person"

Do you remember a line in the ugly truth saying “Dogs are great, but I’m a cat person” Well, I’m a cat person.

I love my dog “Heinz” (and yes I named him from tomato sauce brand) but I love the cats more, because they butt of their heads against your leg if they like you. The only thing I hate about cats are their darn clawssss. I seriously hate those.

Anyway, maybe I don’t like dogs because when I was 8, I was bitten by a stray. AND. I didn’t tell that to my parents or any living soul, until five years after. Do you know what that felt, I felt every year I might die, be crazy with the rabies (negri bodies – what makes rabies a rabies) reaching my sane mind. Oh yes, the symptoms will not be immediate as always. And also my current dog bit my wrist that made look I slit my wrist, well, not really, because it’s pretty obvious it’s a dirty cut.  

We have baby cats right now and I named them Remus and Romulus. Got that right, the brothers of the origins of the Roman Empire. I named Remus the other because he had an injury on his left leg, making it hard for him to walk and its sad (I know), while Romulus is the strong one but I know he loves his brother (unlike the actual Romulus that killed his brother).

Oh, another thing, My dog also bit my forehead once, and there was a dent of blood on there. But I still love him and I bark at him when he barks at me, and I’m more ruthless.

This a senseless post (:D) enjoy 

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