Monday, 9 April 2012

TRINITY (teaser) up and running in Amazon

Okay… so where I am these past few weeks… (months?). Well, I’ve been finishing my book so it can be shiny/polished like a beacon of light greater than a gem. And all I can say… is... its all pain (weep*).
Later about my pain… other time maybe.
What I’m really about to say is, the first 11 chapters of my book is up in Amazon for free (yey! Please have look, ohh pretty pleaseeeeeee). This is just an advertising plan of mine, so I can be slightly known––and I hope it’ll work. The release of the whole book will be on Sunday April 15, 2012. And this deadline stresses me out! And why did I ever post a deadline (stupid me…) but a promise is a promise.
Okay, so here’s the… um… plot (it it’s any decent):

At 16, John probably proclaimed himself as a misfit. A misfit to his evil single mom, a bullied teenager and a hopeless romantic for a girl he cannot have. This is his life. But on an unlikely day, everything changed. Inside a vast library, he suddenly heard whispers from 11 books, hauntings and threats of angels, leading him into a well hidden world of secret organizations, unseen wars, guardian angels––and the discovery of guardian demons. 

Yes. It’s a fantasy, a teaser consists of 70,000 words more or less, so probably you will like it and… not so much. Here’s the link.

Is the book cover creepy? No? Yes? Yea, probably yes.
At this exact time, it’s in the top #2,257 and I’m proud of that (laughs) and I’m proud the there are 89 people in the world who have the time to download it in their kindle (sigh*). Technically it’s been up since April 7, but I changed some issues I had with the submission. All that cleared, we have 16 hours of TRINITY (teaser) live in Amazon.  

Well, wish me luck!

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