Tuesday, 17 April 2012

*warning* Science and Religion *warning*

When I was a child, Science intrigues me and still it does. There's something in explained things that seems fun and natural (this was when I was six, ), then came religion. Religion is derive on faith, faith that there is a creator that controls everything in all existence and beyond. I love religion, it gives us hope that something is still after this life, it gives us courage and inspire us to do more. Well, Science do that also, it inspires us to find and answer and push though the boundaries of our understanding of what we know as truth.

I thought about that since I learned the word ‘Homo Sapiens’ and the ‘Evolution’ and when I compared it with the ‘Genesis’. My mind keep (still keep) struggling to find what is the truth. (again, I thought of these during my early teens)

So there’s going to be a logical answer right?

I try to find the answer in many adults, see their view and such. But no one, not even close, answered my question. What is right? Science or Religion?

So I created my own explanation binding the two.

To explain my so called theory, mind you that I am very hooked in ‘the cosmos’ in the national geographic and fascinated about Evolution of animals and such (programs I watched: The Universe, Mythbusters, Discovery, etc). I love physics… quantum physics that explains things in a very bizarre way, Religion does that too.

Let’s start about… at the beginning… The Genesis I created in “theory”. So if ever another sentient being landed in this planet of ours (yes aliens… my God, I’m such a geek). My belief is intact.

I don’t believe Adam and Eve is even a human, I don’t believe they are even a species of some unknown planet out there (yes, there are billions of planets that same in the condition of our earth). I logically believe that they are… are you ready?...

The first consciousness… consciousness that they know that they have a creator. (Now I sound crazy)

So what does this means for science? It means Science know we are conscious, and to think logically, we are the evolution of the universe. Beings that conscious and appreciate the things surround him/her.
Do you believe me? I don’t care… I don’t believe myself either. I mean, who talks like that? Sadly, me.
Another is about the war of destiny and free will… but later about that (another blog).
First I would tackle the concept of a soul, body and the spirit.

I don’t know what the effin’ difference between the soul and the spirit. Do you know that? I bet no because you don’t know me. Anyways, I was raised a Christian, a Christian who asked his mom “Mom? Why so many religions” (other blog maybe). Then one day I realized something with this phrase “In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the holy Spirit”. I realized that God is a soul, that a spirit is the holy spirit (the holy dove) and The Son is the body.

“And in His likeness we are created”

And that was the start of why I wrote a book. The idea that every human has consciousness or as I perceive it… a soul and a spirit, which as I perceives it… an angel.

 I know, I’m crazy and I don’t completely believe that either so that’s why I wrote a book. A book of my truth, chosen to be read as fantasy.

But still there’s something about truth that seems off. Because we really don’t know that is the true truth. We make our own truths as we evolve as humans. And truth between science and religion is still blurry. I just hate divisions, all of it, and I don’t know what’s wrong of me thinking these kind of thoughts and ideas (I think I need a psychiatrist).

Faith, doesn’t inspire truth… but it guides us to the right path. Because faith is more than that, because faith is hope, a hope that your loved ones are alright, a hope that everything will be fine, hope to grow and a hope that there will be a day where divisions are eradicated (seems impossible… but I still hope)… and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.   

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