Sunday, 15 April 2012

Live long and prosper and may the odds be ever in your favor

The complete version of my book is now currently being published…


So what? No. That’s not the question. Who cares? (<this should be humorous, so imagine this as a funny question, ohh please smile)

This is the time of my life where the past four years, three months, (something*) days, (something*) minutes is for. Actually, the way I visualize it is something grand, (don’t worry this is just writer’s fantasy of mine) which there will be a magnificent event that I am published with an agent and all the publishers lining up in buying the rights of my book. 

But no.

Instead of that, I’m right here in front of my computer, having that emotional rollercoaster again that I don’t like a single bit. I’m not complaining; mind you, I really love my very small laptop attached to a very large screen and a small apple keyboard with a cheap 4D mouse. (And I also love my life, even some days I feel it sucks) 

But I think something is missing…

I don’t care whether I am published traditionally or by myself. I just want to be published, and a someone who can appreciate what I wrote/my idea, and I want that someone to be a stranger, a complete unbiased stranger.

I haven’t told this to my family and friends but I don’t want them posting reviews in Amazon that is saying “Oooohhhh, read this, It’s so a great book. Five stars!”, you know, all the generic stuff a great book should be commended about. But frankly, now that I’m looking at myself after all those years, I think my book is still great, even if others don’t like it (but no one said they don’t like it and no one said its good either). (That’s the spirit!) My other conscious self said to me.
You know only three persons in the whole wide universe ever did read my book? (I don’t know the others who downloaded it, maybe it’s still stuck in their kindles, digitally untouched) First one who read is a classmate of mine back in college, and she didn’t finished it. Second is my girlfriend (who I love) and she finished it and said it was great. Third is my editor. My mom supported me, she bought books in writing for me, inspirational stuffs but she still hasn’t read the book. I understand this because she gets headache when she read too much, eye problem. (I’m getting out of line here).

Those three people kept me going even ‘the odds are ever against my favor’. And I love them, especially including my mom. So if a stranger gave me a positive and an honest review of my work, even a single stranger, that would push me through the editing the book two (which currently 75% finished in it very first draft).

And, before I forget.

I have to apologize to some who download the teaser, because I didn’t reach the schedule release of the complete book (April 15, 2012). And don't worry, I want to shoot myself for that. Now, I’m just waiting for 10 hours until it go live.

Here’s the cover, (which I hope don’t suck, because I didn't sleep all night and dawn because of this): 

Now, I wont say to wish me luck. I'll say, thanks for reading and I wish you the best in your life.

Live long and prosper and may the odds be ever in your favor. (oh my... I'm such a geek)

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